Hallow Road


Paramedic Maddie Finch answers a 2 AM phone call while her husband, Frank, listens on. It’s their teenage daughter, Alice. She’s hit someone with her car on an isolated stretch of countryside road. A young boy running through the woods… and they’re soon to realise that he is dead. The parents are hit with an immediate dilemma. It’s the unthinkable. If they call the police, then their daughter, their only child, could go to jail for manslaughter. They know it will ruin her life forever. Any future she might have would be gone… unless they can somehow spare her from all that. 

What follows is a tense, claustrophobic thriller told entirely from the parent’s point of view, as they race to Hallow Road in their car, hoping that they can get to Alice before anyone else stumbles across the scene. However, as they head deeper into the night, disturbing revelations threaten to tear the family apart as they soon realise they might not be the only ones driving down Hallow Road.