London.Film is a full-service Film & TV production company. We have made films in over 20 countries and in numerous languages. Big films, small films, short films, animated films, advertising films, drama films, documentary films, lots of films. Want to hear about our newest projects? Sign up for our newsletter.


We aim to keep things in-house as much as possible so the ideas keep flowing from the start of a project to the end – it also helps keep a tight rein on budgets and schedules. We are fully stocked with our own camera gear, grip, lighting, sound, motion control, and an in-house studio space. Post-production is all in house: from story cut to VFX, animation, graphics and colour grading.


Despite our name, London.Film spends as much time abroad as at home, including covering 30 different hotels for Mandarin Oriental, a feature film in France, and a documentary in Ireland. With a team comprising of 6 nationalities and 7 languages, you could say travel is in our culture. Food is another big part of London.Film’s DNA – we have even installed a full kitchen into the office where we cook team meals each day! When we’re not out shooting films, we’re usually gathered round the kitchen discussing them.