In the throes of a Tunisian migrant crisis, mute 14-year-old Black Tunisian Walid dreams of captivating the streets with a distinctive magic trick involving a wooden box. Amidst racial tensions, he becomes the unwitting pawn of his White Tunisian father, Chokri, who manipulates Walid’s magic skills for a deceitful money-changing ruse.

Lamia, Walid’s mother, is deeply concerned about the potential dangers street performances expose Walid to, particularly given the tense social climate and the ongoing Subsaharan migrant crisis. Yet, Walid remains undeterred, finding comfort and hope in a mysterious wooden box – his silent partner in magic and life.

The fissures in the family deepen when Lamia confronts Chokri about his exploitations of their son. Meanwhile, Walid faces his own battles, mistaken for a Subsaharan migrant due to his speech impediment, he experiences the cruel sting of racial discrimination. Trapped and assaulted in the aftermath of a brutal attack, Walid manages to send a cry for help from within the box to his father. This incident jolts Chokri into reality, making him see the error of his ways. He repairs the broken wooden box, and with this newfound support, Walid is ready to take the centre stage of Tunis.